APEX Event – Speaker Series

APEX Event - Speaker Series

APEX Event – Speaker Series held 11:30 am in the Southern Utah University – Hunter Conference – Great Hall (351 W University Blvd, Cedar City), admission is FREE. A.P.E.X (Ask. Ponder. Educate. [X].)  For information and the Event Stream Link visit www.suu.edu/apex.


January 21st – Southern Utah Paranormal Society, founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah. As founding members, Kevin and Josh developed the group with practical insight combined with a deep interest and passion for finding “what is out there.”


January 28th – Distinguished Faculty Lecture, the Annual faculty Distinguished Award Winner this year is Dr. Kristopher G. Phillips! Kristopher G. Phillips is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southern Utah University. Originally from Michigan, he earned his Bachelors in philosophy in 2003 from Central Michigan University, a Masters in philosophy in 2007 from Western Michigan University, and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Iowa in 2014. He joined the faculty here in 2014. He is a trained modernist, with research interests in Descartes, Margaret Cavendish, Mary Shepherd, the philosophy of education, and pre-college philosophy. He is the co-founder of the Utah and Iowa Lyceum pre-college philosophy programs and currently serves as Associate Editor for the journal Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice.


February 4th – Richard Ian Kimball, His talk today will focus on his research of Deaf football players at the turn of the twentieth century and how they used the sport to promote sign language and Deaf culture in a time when assimilation and lip reading were becoming the norm.


February 9th – Special APEX & Tanner Center Collaboration – Nalini Nadkarni, An Emeritus Professor at The Evergreen State College, she currently is a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Utah. (from faculty.utah.edu/u0759982-NALINI_M_NADKARNI/hm/index.hml )


February 11th – SUU Allies, In the annual celebration of Valentines Day Week, we celebrate love and inclusiveness for all of our LGBTQ+ friends, colleagues, and family!


February 18th – Sonia Aboagye “Development is More Than a Band Aid”, She and her faculty run Ghana’s first and only Bachelors’ degree programme for training Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Over the next decade, they aim to change the face of provision for people with communication disabilities across Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.


February 25th – Cara Despain, an artist working in film and video, sculpture, photography, and installation addressing issues of land use, the desert, climate change, visualizing the Anthropocene, land ownership, and the problematics of frontierism.


March 9th – Charles Cooke “Focus Business” Collaboration, Charles C. W. Cooke is the editor of National Review Online and the author of The Conservatarian Manifesto. His work has focused on Anglo-American history, British liberty, free speech, the Second Amendment, and American exceptionalism.