Murals and More – A Downtown Art Walk in Cedar City

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16 Nov 2020

Murals and More – A Downtown Art Walk in Cedar City

Ready for a public art tour of Cedar City? With new additions through Historic Downtown and the last bit of fall weather hanging on it’s a great time to get out and explore the art scene. So put on your favorite selfie look, grab a jacket (and that perfect matching mask), and let’s spend an afternoon out and about in Cedar City!


Cedar City mural and image by Rian Kasner *cover image





Our first stop is a mural that is truly #utawesome! This mural can be found at 59 West Center Street behind IG Winery. Installed by the @Utawesome crew you can find a look behind the scenes at creating this mural on their Instagram.  Their site also includes some fun trip planning itineraries and maps!



Image and mural thanks to @_utawesome_




For our next stop, we’re taking a walk down the street, pausing to bookmark the winery for later and check out the menu at Bristlecone before continuing on to Cedar Sports Shop.



Suh’dusting, The Cedar People



This new addition to downtown Cedar City was unveiled on Veteran’s day. Artist Daniel Growler is a member of the Cedar Band of Paiutes of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah and was born and raised in Cedar City. Describing himself as an “Indian Graphic Artist”, he specializes in Native storytelling. The art installation is not a direct translation of the Paiute origin stories but is Growler’s modern artistic interpretation.

The mural can be found on the east side of Cedar Sports at 97 West Center Street, Cedar City, UT.





Cedar Breaks National Monument – Lone Coyote



To find our third mural we’re going to take a little walk around the building. On the west side of Cedar Sports, you’ll find a black and white depiction of Cedar Breaks National Monument by artist Lone Coyote. The mural covers 450 square feet and was hand-painted.





From here we’re going to take a little detour! Stay on the south side of the street and continue to the home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Beverley Center for the Arts!


Shakespeare Character Gardens



No art stroll in Cedar City is complete without a visit to see The Bard himself! The character and sculpture gardens at the Beverley Center are a must-see spot in Historic Downtown. Spot favorites like the beautiful Juliet, to Cleopatra on her gilded throne, and, of course, Shakespeare writing his next masterpiece.


The Beverley Center is located at 195 W Center Street.





Southern Utah Museum of Art



Next, we’re going to pop into the Southern Utah Museum of Art where we’ll find another mural! Through December 23rd you can visit the Right Here Right Now: Featuring the Work in Progress Mural as part of their current exhibit. This exhibit celebrates the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Utah and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. The exhibit features the Work in Progress Mural alongside works by 20 contemporary women artists.



Image thanks to the Southern Utah Museum of Art



Grab a Bite!


And we’re back to Historic Downtown, with a little bit of a walk! Head back toward Cedar Sports, and take a break to grab a bite from one of the incredible restaurants who add some flavor to Historic Downtown. Flavorful dishes from Bunnisa’s Thai Cuisine, crepes from Park Place Eatery, wood-fired pizza from Centro, delightful vegetarian options from Bristlecone, a specialty dessert from The French Spot, or a soup/salad from Pastry Pub are all sure to hit the spot! And before continuing on our walk, a warm drink from The Grind Coffeehouse is a MUST.


From left to right: Bunnisa’s Thai Cuisine, Centro Woodfired Pizza, The Pastry Pub.



Cedar City Mural – Center Street



New mural check! The newest public art addition to Historic Downtown is all about Cedar City and we love the vibe! Completed on November 12th by artist Rian Kasner, this hand-painted mural is a bright addition to Center Street. Their incredible artwork can be found at Bristlecone too, as Rian was the artist behind their mural (company name and logo) on the side of their building!


The mural can be found on the wall between Centro Woodfired Pizza and the Pastry Pub.





Gateway to America’s Most Colorful National Parks



Take a quick walk around the corner to 16 North 100 West to find a colorful highlight of nearby destinations! This three-panel mural was installed as part of a Spike150 event last year, celebrating 150 years since the completion of the railroad and the golden spike. With so many national parks within a few hours of Cedar City, the railroad coming to town was a big step in opening Cedar City up as a tourist destination. This mural is a replica of a sign that used to stand in Lund, Utah, and highlights three nearby attractions.





Paulina Phelps Lyman



Stroll down main street (pausing to browse local shops and check off some holiday shopping) to 121 North Main Street. Behind the Prestige Realty office, you’ll find a mural painted by Brooke Smart that tells the story of a local suffragist who’s pretty incredible! Paulina Phelps Lyman was a midwife who delivered hundreds of babies in the 1800s. A suffragist and a doctor, “Aunt Pauline” was a great supporter of women’s rights in Iron County.





With more and more public art pieces being added to Historic Downtown we’re sure this list will keep on growing! For now, take some time to explore the local shops and grab a specialty soda or hand-scooped ice cream from Bulloch Drug before circling back to your vehicle. Thank you for joining us!



While out and about remember to Love Local by masking up, practicing social distancing, and staying home if you aren’t feeling well.  #VisitCedarCity