Plan Ahead | Visiting Kolob Reservoir

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19 Aug 2022

Plan Ahead | Visiting Kolob Reservoir

A beautiful reservoir in Southern Utah, this popular fishing, camping, and swimming spot has been a favorite for locals and visitors alike for years. Surrounded by stunning scenery and high elevation beauty this pocket just outside of Zion National Park is no less spectacular.

Summer views of Kolob Reservoir

Getting There

From Cedar City head five miles up Cedar Canyon on highway 14, turn right onto Right Hand Canyon Road and continue for eight miles as the road changes to Kolob Road. Follow Kolob Road for another 11 miles to reach the reservoir.


Campsites are spread around the reservoir just above the high-water line to insure easy access to the water. The Kolob Reservoir Campground requires reservations. Check availability and reserve a campsite HERE. Restrooms and garbage dumpsters are available.

Fishing & Regulations

Fishing is done from the shore, in float tubes and on boats. There is a boat ramp to aid in access onto the water. Having a boat can be helpful as fish tend to head toward cooler waters in the middle of the lake when the reservoir heats up in the summertime.

Fish you can find here:

  • Bear River Cutthroat
  • Colorado River Cutthroat
  • Rainbow Trout

REGULATIONS: Special fishing regulations at Kolob are part of the appeal to this remote water. Anglers are allowed a daily possession limit of two trout under 15 inches or more than 22 inches long. All trout between 15 and 22 inches must be released. Fishing is limited to artificial flies and lures during certain times of the year.

For the latest regulations and additional information, consult the Utah Fishing Guidebook.
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Winter Access

Access to Kolob Reservoir is via unmaintained dirt roads which are typically only accessible by vehicles April through December. But don’t count out winter — the reservoir is especially stunning during cold-weather months, when snow blankets the surrounding slopes and aspen forests.