Spring into Adventure in Cedar City, UT

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12 Apr 2023

Spring into Adventure in Cedar City, UT

Spring has finally arrived in Cedar City and southern Utah and we are ready to get out and adventure! It’s a perfect time to hike among the red rock, grab some discs and hit the disc golf course, explore art and shops in downtown, and more!

While the higher elevations around us (and many of our nearby mountain bike trails) still need some time to thaw out, there is still so much to see and do in Cedar City, Parowan, and Brian Head this spring.

Explore Cedar City | Arts & Culture

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, the natural beauty around us inspires more than just wanderlust! Southern Utah is a favorite destination for artists (of all mediums) which led to the creation of the Southern Utah Museum of Art, as well as some incredible sculpture gardens, local galleries, and cultural offerings as well.

Here are 6 places in Cedar City to check out for a dose of arts and culture this spring!

Explore Outdoor Recreation and the last of Winter

While the higher elevations around us thaw out, there is still some great outdoor recreation (and an extended winter recreation season!) to enjoy in Cedar City, Parowan, and Brian Head!

Here are 9 outdoor recreation experiences to bookmark for your spring visit!

Recreate Responsibly | Reminders for a Spring Visit

With all of the late-season snow we’ve had this year, the trails and recreation areas around us are still thawing out, and it becomes what we affectionately call “mud season”. So here are a few things to keep in mind for responsible spring recreation!

  • Keep mountain bikes and off-road vehicles off muddy trails to avoid damaging the trail.
  • If you encounter a muddy trail, it’s best to walk through the mud rather than around it, to avoid widening the trail.
  • During spring run-off be careful of slot canyons. Check for any closures, pack the appropriate gear, and be prepared for cold water!
  • Pack layers! Utah weather is infamous for it’s ever changing mood. Don’t be caught unprepared.