Left and Right Forks of Bunker Creek

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Left and Right Forks of Bunker Creek

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Brian Head

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Ascending to the rim of the Markagunt Plateau, you are treated with some bumpy, heart-pounding descents that will bring you to a double-track road. From here you will cross over the road, picking the single track back up in a forested meadow. You will see signs for the Left Fork on your right and the Right Fork on your left. Taking the trail on your right (drainages are named from the bottom up), you will find more great drops, weaving you through a spectacular aspen forest. At the bottom of this single track you will cross a stream and go to your right, east on the double-track road. Do not be lulled into thinking that the fun is over. The next 5 miles of double-track are just as fun and challenging. Riding the Bunker Creek Road at the ÒYÓ, follow the signs for Panguitch Lake, until you come to Hwy 143. Using caution, go left on the highway for about a half-mile where you will see the Phillips 66 on your right. Pull in, get a cool drink and wait for your shuttle back to the top.

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