Water is Precious | Cedar City, UT

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20 Aug 2021

Water is Precious | Cedar City, UT

Even with recent precipitation, the entire state of Utah is still experiencing extreme drought conditions. While recent storms have helped some, our state is not out of the drought yet. Many of the beautiful destinations around us and outdoor recreation opportunities we enjoy rely on water to operate. Through water conservation from conscious residents and the help of our wonderful visitors, we hope to help preserve these destinations for years to come.

Utah’s Drought Situation

It’s no secret that water is precious in the desert. Utah is the second driest state in the nation, requiring residents to be conscious of water usage. This is for the prosperity of future generations of Utah residents as well as the incredible outdoor recreation and natural views we enjoy here in the state.

Conserving water eases the demand on our reservoirs and water supply, which can result in more water for nature. Whether you love fishing, bird watching or just the peaceful sound of a rushing river, water conservation is a way to give back to the #beUTAHful environment.

Utah Division of Natural Resources | Water Resources

Water conservation is important to both locals and visitors in keeping these beautiful spaces we enjoy full and operational for all to enjoy. We love sharing these wonderful destinations with visitors and hope to do so with first-time guests and return visitors for years to come.

Four Ways to Conserve Water During Your Stay

By being mindful of consumption and use while traveling, visitors can help to keep these wide-open spaces around us beautiful through easy steps.

We’ve put together a list of 4 easy ways to conserve water during your hotel stay in the space below ↓

Thank You

We appreciate your help while visiting us here in Cedar City! By using #WaterWise practices we can ensure that there will be enough of this resource for both the community and the outdoor recreation opportunities we all enjoy.