15 Must-Try Menu Items in Cedar City

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31 Jan 2022

15 Must-Try Menu Items in Cedar City

Between Cedar City, Parowan, and Brian Head our area is home to some incredible local dining! These favorites are prepared with a little local flair that makes them a must-try for any visit. Order up any of these 15 items during your stay for a true taste of southern Utah!

Ironport Soda from Bulloch Drug

This cute little vintage soda fountain and candy bar is a local favorite in the heart of Historic Downtown. Stop by to try their classic favorite soda, the Ironport. This drink has a unique taste that you will love! Like a spiced cream soda, this drink is a classic for a reason.

Learn More and view their Menu Here

Image by @bullochs on Instagram

Pastrami Burger from the Cedar Bowling Center

A Utah classic, the Pastrami Burger pairs a stack of thinly sliced pastrami with a charbroiled beef patty and can be found at diners across the state. A local favorite rendition here in Cedar City? The Pastrami Burger from the Cedar Bowling Center! Stop for a game or two and try one for yourself.

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Image by Cedar Bowling Center

Funeral Potatoes from Pork Belly’s

Now, this is one easily recognized Utah dish! Delightfully decadent, ‘funeral potatoes’ include shredded potatoes, cheese, onions, sour cream, and often a crisp topping. Stop by Pork Belly’s in Cedar City to give them a try.

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Burger and funeral potatoes from Pork Belly’s in Cedar City

Dutch Oven Potatoes at Bowman’s Cowboy Kitchen

Utahn’s LOVE potatoes, and one way of preparing them that’s more popular than others? Dutch Oven. Cooked over hot coals using a seasoned cast iron pot known as a dutch oven, there are so many ways to prepare this sought-after dish and each cook has their own flair to add to it. One local spot to try this classic dish is Bowman’s Cowboy Kitchen in Cedar City.

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Dutch oven potatoes and tri-tip steak from Bowman’s Cowboy Kitchen

Parowan Cinnamon Rolls

A picture-perfect small town devoid of stoplights and bursting with hometown charm, Parowan is also an unexpected stop for incredible local treats! Businesses throughout the small town have risen to the challenge of “The Sweet Tour” in putting their own twist on a classic cinnamon roll. From freshly baked cinnamon rolls at Southern Country Kitchen or the Parowan Cafe to a cinnamon roll shake at Dairy Freeze, it’s worth a visit!

A strawberry and cream roll from Southern Country Kitchen in Parowan, UT

Fry Bread Tacos at Hermie’s Drive In

Frybread, or Utah scone, is a food staple of the Paiute and Navajo people adopted by Mormon settlers. This flattened dough is fried to a golden brown and served either as a dessert or as a taco shell! Topped with beef, beans, veggies, salsa, and sour cream, they are delicious and a local favorite. Stop by Hermie’s Drive In in Cedar City to give one a try!

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Frybread taco piled high with all the toppings from Hermie’s Drive In

The Thunderbird at The Brick House

Named for the mascot of the nearby Southern Utah University, the Thunderbird is a local favorite! Grilled chicken and bacon with bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, three kinds of cheese….and SO much more! This sandwich is bursting with toppings and flavors, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite.

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Image by @brickhousecafecedarcity on Instagram

Dry Lakes Ranch Beef at Milt’s Stagestop

There are few things we love as much as a local collaboration and this combo between Dry Lakes Ranch Beef in Parowan and Milt’s Stagestop in Cedar City is a match made in heaven! With beef cattle raised right here in southern Utah, between Parowan and Brian Head, Dry Lakes works hard to provide fresh local beef to their community. Raised and prepared with care, the beef finds its way to spectacular dishes and incredible meals at Cedar City’s oldest steak house, Milt’s Stagestop. With a full drink menu and mouth-watering dishes, it’s a must-try in the area.

Learn More about Dry Lakes Ranch Beef & Milt’s Stagestop

The Riesling from IG Winery

Located in Historic Downtown, Cedar City is fortunate to be home to Southern Utah’s premier winery, IG Winery. While you can schedule a tasting of their whites and reds, order cocktails, or catch one of their many wonderful events, a favorite on their menu is the Reisling. Stop by to try a glass or purchase a bottle to share with friends.

Learn More and View Their Menu Here

Image from @igwinery on Instagram

Two Slices + a Pint from Pizanos Pizzeria, Brian Head, UT

After a day on the slopes or mountain bike trails at Brian Head Resort, you’re going to need to refuel and nothing quite says comfort food/refuel like pizza! With a full beer menu, their lunch special of two slices and a pint is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Learn More and View Their Menu Here

Image by Pizanos Pizzeria in Brian Head, UT

Freshly Baked Croissants from The French Spot

It’s not often that you find a true French bakery in the heart of southern Utah, but the French Spot is just that! Chef Michael Attali strives to bring a corner of French culture to our community and as a Michelin-rated chef, his cooking is truly divine. Whether you sit down for a meal, grab a freshly baked croissant to go or treat yourself to a mouth-watering tart or macaron, we promise you will love this local spot!

Learn More and View Their Menu Here

Patriot Pale Ale from Policy Kings Brewery

Utah’s only Black Owned Brewery, Policy Kings is a wonderful and exciting addition to our community with some great drink choices! Stop by for a round of trivia, live music from local artists, and a new food truck to go with your drinks. Whether you go for their house Patriot Pale Ale or branch out to try one of their new seltzers, you’ll love the experience!

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Image by @policykingsbrewery on Instagram

Peach Cobbler from Hamburger Patty’s, Parowan, UT

Another dutch oven dish that’s a true Utah favorite, cobbler is a dessert that we go out of our way for! Cake mix layered with fruit, cream, and other toppings, and baked all together in one dish, it’s hard to go wrong. Stop by Hamburger Patty’s in Parowan to try the Peach Cobbler for yourself.

Learn more and View Their Menu Here

Golden Harvest Spudnut from Silver Silo Bakery & Espresso

Cute as can be with a true country flair, Silver Silo has quickly become a local favorite! Their home-cooked meals, carefully crafted coffees, and amazing baked goods make this spot a true standout. But one menu favorite that seems to top the rest? The Golden Harvest Sputdnut! A glazed potato doughnut, these are light and fluffy, packed with flavor, and topped with delightful glaze.

Learn More and View Their Menu Here

Tableside Quac from Puerto Vallarta Jalisco

There’s nothing quite like fresh guacamole to really push that dining experience over the edge into amazing! And Puerto Vallarta Jalisco in Cedar City does just that. They have a wide drink menu, incredible and flavorful dishes, and, of course, tableside Guacamole with a chance to customize what you want to see included in the dish!

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Tableside Quac at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco in Cedar City

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