Our People

For thousands of years, Cedar City has been a gathering place starting with the ancestral people of the Paiute, Hopi  and  Navajo tribes,  to the Mormon pioneers sent here to mine iron in the 1850’s. Our scenic landscapes and rich cultural offerings certainly bring visitors and new residents to our region,  but our people are what makes Cedar City so vibrant and exceptional.  The people of southern Utah have carved out of the desert a place to call home through vision, hard work and perseverance.  They are also incredibly kind and welcoming.  We hope you’ll consider supporting our local community during your visit by asking a local about their favorite trail, or buying  a handcrafted souvenir from one of our artisans, or eating at one of our favorite hometown cafes.

An indigenous Paiture dancer dances in vibrant regalia.

Land Acknowledgment: As you enjoy adventuring across Southern Utah, we ask that you respect the land and the people whose lands we stand upon today.  Cedar City occupies the ancestral home of the Southern Paiute People (Nung’Wu) who have persisted here in southern Utah for generations. This land has deep connections for the Paiute People as it is sacred, historical and significant.  Visit Cedar City Brian Head wishes to express our sincere gratitude to the Southern Paiute People who have made significant contributions to the Cedar City community and the broader state of Utah. Let this acknowledgment serve as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to recognize, honor, reconcile and partner with Southern Paiute people who’ve called southern Utah home.