We all have a favorite trail. Those must-see spots along the way, the excitement of the twists and turns, and it's great to have a go-to! But, there's nothing worse than discovering that your favorite trail is closed due to damage.

While with any form of recreation there's a chance of damage to the trails and an impact on the area around them, off-roading can have higher impacts on trails when not done respectfully. Responsible OHV recreation is important in keeping the incredible variety of trails around us in Cedar City open for use.

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Every trail user has a stake in keeping these places open. So remember to respect other trail users and communities, ride responsibly and Tread Lightly!

When accessing trailheads through neighborhoods or riding near others on the trail, remember to be aware of speed, noise, and dust. This keeps others safe on the trail and quiet residential areas undisturbed.

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There are many ways to be responsible when off-roading. Even campers, hikers, and fishermen sometimes take a dirt trail on their vehicles to get to a trailhead or water shore. When on the trail, remember to travel responsibly and know what areas are open to your mode of transportation. Before you head out, check out the land management website or maps to know what trails are designated for your type of recreation. Always pack out what you pack in and leave these areas better than you found them.